Friday, November 5, 2010

Global Rescue Living Up To Their Name

The letter below from my contact, Don Causey, at Global Rescue illustrates the need for the services they provide world wide. Something to consider if you are traveling to remote areas for fishing or other recreational pursuits.

"Dear Ken,

As this issue of your bulletin is being written, Global Rescue is handling another medical emergency for a member of the hunting community. As more and more hunters and fishermen sign up for memberships, the number of evacuations we perform for those that face medical emergencies continues to grow.

The latest incident occurred in Namibia late last month, where an American hunter, a member of Safari Club International and Dallas Safari Club, was bitten on the foot by an Angolan cobra (Naja annulifera anchietae) that delivered what could have been a fatal dose of venom. The Professional Hunter killed the cobra and rushed the hunter to a local hospital where he was administered an anti-venom. To save his lower leg, physicians performed emergency surgery that completely removed the skin from the top of the man's foot. This was necessary in order to prevent severe, life-threatening blood infections. At the conclusion of surgery, an attempt was made to graft replacement tissue to the wound.

After a thorough review of the medical records and images performed in conjunction with local physicians, it was determined the efforts to re-graft the skin had been unsuccessful. Global Rescue's medical team and Johns Hopkins specialists agreed that his foot should be operated on in the United States. He was immediately flown to Washington, D.C., via Amsterdam.

Global Rescue even secured the necessary permits to have the member's hunting rifle transferred in Amsterdam and cleared for carriage with him all the way home.

Once in Virginia, the skin on the hunter's foot was re-grafted to allow him to recuperate in his home hospital of choice.

This story, I think you will agree, points up the depth and sophistication of the Global Rescue operation. No medical evacuation firm in the world can perform like we do.

Yours in good hunting and fishing,

Don Causey

Senior Advisor to Global Rescue"

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