Saturday, May 23, 2009

It's time to get out there.....

It's time to get out there.  This morning my friend Artin came by the shop on his way home from the beach.  He was excited by his latest surf fishing outing and wanted to share a picture of his first California Halibut that he landed on a fly and with a story of his first Corbina almost.  The Corbina escaped as Artin tried to beach it in the rolling surf but he was still pretty pumped up about the whole deal and his excitement was infectious.  The trip next week to Tejon Ranch seems too far away and I may have to sneak out for a morning session at Castaic Lagoon mid week.  
My fly tying has taken a hit for the weekend.  My grown kids are in town for a visit and my fly tying room is one of the guest rooms.  It feels odd not to wander in there and tie a few flies each evening.  It's my relaxation each day and helps me to wind down after fighting the 405 traffic madness.  Each evening as I negotiate the traffic tangles I think of new patterns that I want to tie or new ways that I can tweak an old pattern to suit a particular fishing scenario.  I allow my imagination to roam over ideas and try to come up with new patterns that will work better than what I already have.  My wife, Palma, laughs at all the flies that I have.  I could open a small fly shop and stock it with flies and materials but maybe the next one will be "the one".    

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  1. Hey Ken! Glad to participate in your blog. Sounds like Artin had himself a great day in the suds. I'm definitely looking forward to Saturday at Tejon Ranch chasing some Big Pig Bass. I've been tying like a mad man all weekend getting ready for Baja which is only a few weeks away now. It's great to have trips to look forward to and to have great friends to share them with. After Baja comes the six-pack charters and then hopefully back to Montauk in October. Christmas Island in the Spring will truly be the icing on the cake. Good luck with the blog and I will see you soon at the "Spot".