Wednesday, June 10, 2009

We Lost a Friend Last Week.....

Oh! Sorry. Nobody died or left town but we were saddened by discovering that someone had stolen two Sage rods from our demo rack. You have to understand that we have a unique relationship with our customers. Many become close friends and fishing buddies so it is painful to think that someone that we care about and trust may have stolen from us. I guess we are naive in a lot of ways but we like our customers and we always want to think the best of them. Now we have to act like business men and install a security system to monitor our store. Something we have really resisted doing. I guess times change and we must to. Maybe I'm wrong, maybe it's not someone we know after all. But, if someone you know shows up with a nice used ZAxis 904-4 or a 908-4 ZAxis (both without a case or rod bag) or someone tries to sell them to you give us a call or drop us an email. Oh! If the thief is reading this just know that you stole more than a couple of rods, friend.

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