Wednesday, August 24, 2011

News From the West Slope....

Our man in the field Bernard Yin reports that Sierra Fly Fisher's first year as a permitted guide service for the Kings and Sequoia National Parks is off to a great start. Fine-tuning certain beats and identifying the habits of the region's fish has been a blast and the feedback from the trout gods is favorable. The clients have been happy. The fish are wild and strong. This is an overlooked west slope destination especially for one who may wish to combine sightseeing and crazy terrain with some angling. 

The region is much less crowded and Bernard reports with amazement the ease with which one can roll up and find a campsite, walk a short distance and have some fun with the fish. Higher elevation destinations for back country types is at one's fingertips as well. Also, important to note, is that many of the waters are a higher up in elevation than people realize and with the heavy water year we have had, they are staying cool for the trout. We're talking the Kings, Kaweah etc. Some of the region's waters are only now (in August!) becoming fishable. This means that a lot of trout have not be harassed by anglers when normally, by now, they'd be sick of us humans. Please contact Sierra Fly Fisher ( to discuss further.