Friday, August 31, 2012

End of Summer Update

Hi folks,

It's been a hot summer, but the fishing has continued to stay strong on several of our Southern California fisheries, namely Crowley Lake and the local  beaches. The shop has been extremely busy, and we've been doing a lot of traveling on various fishing trips, but now that the dust has settled and our summer projects are winding down, we can focus on the fall line up that will be coming soon to the shop. The IFTD show in Reno was a blast and we got to see the new products for 2013, plus  we got to see some old friends. 

If you would like to view more photos from the IFTD trip please see our Facebook page.

The Fishermen's Spot is working to provide a weekly fishing update for Southern California and the Sierras, in which we will cover hot areas and hatches, along with general news from the shop.

This week, we've received some great intel from our good friend Joe Contaldi. Joe is the owner/ guide for Performance Anglers Guide Service in Mammoth and he sent these great photos and an update for Crowley Lake.

"The moon is moving into its full stage, and the bite this week has moved to later in the afternoon from 2pm until dark. There are some dry periods between your indicators going under, but the scenery is beautiful.

The McGee bay miracle bite has slowed to a crawl in the mornings recently with more of the little willies adding numbers to the count, but nothing like the bruisers we had test our tackle in the 4-6 lb range a week ago. The north end has been producing some big boys on streamers, and indicators and anglers have done fair in the mornings along green banks and the Owens river near the channel.

The best time for the North End is late afternoon, with good numbers of 18 to 20-inch fish being landed on both indicators or streamers with perch patterns. Streamers and perch patterns in size #10-12 are doing great, and the top colors are olive, gray and black. Make sure to use heavy tippet 3x-1x - there are some really big monsters out here this year so the heavy tippet will aid in making sure you land them. Indicator fishing with midge patterns in colors red and black, black and copper, gray, and silver back are all working well  in sizes #14-18 during the morning and afternoon bite. 

Adjust flies from 4 inches off the bottom to about 2 feet to find the location of feeding fish, or when your indicators are not going under after a period. Rods should be 9 to 10ft and  5, 6, or 7 wt. Floating line for indicator fishing with 4x or 5x tippet... Streamer fishing use a type 3 or type 4 sinking line and tippet 3x-1x.

We have openings for trips on Crowley lake next week and make sure to book your trip with us for the upcoming fall season on the East Walker River and Crowley Lake for the trophy Browns".


Performance Anglers Guide Service 760-709-5049

Thanks again, Joe Contaldi of Performance Anglers, for that great update. 

As far as the local beaches go, the fishing has been solid. Bernard has been having great success on the beaches near Santa Monica. If you are interested in partaking in some of this action, call us at the shop 818-785-7306. 

We have several options available and are happy to get you set up with the correct flies, gear and services as needed for the beach as you can fish it year round. 

(Photo by Jim Solomon).

Looking north towards the Ventura area, the carp bite has been good.  I went up earlier in the month on my day off and just had a blast with a few carp. We carry a great selection of fly patterns for carp, but we also carry flies from local guide Lee Baermann for our local carp fisheries. Stop by the store and we can point you in the right direction.

Finally, the Fishermen's Spot will be having a big Labor Day Sale this weekend, with brands like Winston Rods going for a steal.  In addition to our regular hours, we will also be open Sunday and Monday from 11am-3pm in order to allow our customers to take advantage of the sale during the long holiday weekend! So come on by!

Make sure to find us on Facebook and follow our posts, classes, trips and daily updates from the shop. Hope to see you all soon. 

Tight lines,