Monday, February 23, 2015

Product Review

Fish Cat Scout

I first started float tubing back in the mid 70s.  In those days there were only a couple of companies producing tubes commercially.  They relied on a truck tire inner tube for floatation and were relatively small compared to todays model.  You were in theater from the waist down and, with the primitive waders back then, it was cold and uncomfortable fishing.  We loved it! Fast forward to today and you have a myriad of boats available from many manufacturers and they keep you up out of the water for a more comfortable experience and we still love it!  At the shop we settled on the Outcast brand of boats because of the quality, customer service, and durability of their products. As a retailer, when a manufacturer can give you good value and less headaches you stick with them. My current boat is a Fishcat 4 Deluxe which suits most of my personal needs. It’s lightweight, rugged and packs down pretty small to fit easily in my Prius.  I had an older Outcast Oncilla pontoon boat that I used for group trips where i needed to get around and check on my clients but, with my lower back acting up on occasion, it became just too heavy for me to handle comfortably by myself. 

This past weekend I took a group of customers/friends to a small private lake in the Santa Ynez Valley and was able to borrow a Fishcat Scout from my Outcast rep, Alex Ramirez to test out.  These boats are a light ,frameless pontoon boat that have been on the market for a couple of years and, though we sell them in the shop, I had not had the opportunity to fish out of one.

The first thing I noticed was that it was, comparably, very light weight, just 35 lbs, and were very easy too inflate with just two air chambers.  The pontoon chamber is quite large so an electric inflator would be a nice extra.  The foot rest bar is a little tricky to get in place with cold hands.  Maybe they should supply some vaseline or liquid soap to was this part of the assembly. Other than that, adding the oars is simple and it  was a breeze to assemble and easy to carry to the stare’s edge.  The large deck air chamber sits you nice and high off the water and allows good fishing visibility and excellent comfort with the adjustable seat and back rest keeping me upright and comfortable all day.  As with many modern day personal floatation devices, a long handled landing net was handy to get to the fish over the large pontoons.  All in all, very easy to assemble and a joy to fish out of all day. May have to invest in a new toy. 

Suggested Retail $649

Saturday, November 30, 2013


We have just received some fine used and highly collectable rods and reels in superb condition.  These are being offered to our local customers first before being listed online.  Check out the list below and call (818) 785-7306 with any questions.

Gary H. Howells Rod Co.

To bamboo aficionados Gary Howells was one of the greats.  He learned his craft with R.L. Winston in San Francisco before setting up his own shop in the Bay Area.  It is rare to find three outstanding specimens of his work for sale at the same time.  These rods are pristine works of art that are totally fishable today. 

4 wt 7’ Two Piece with two tips Serial #3936. Built 1973.  $3,000
4 wt 8’ Two Piece with two tips Serial #4224. Built 1976.  $3,000
5 wt 8’ Two Piece with two tips Serial #3854. Built 1972.  $3,250

All reels are EX condition with lines also in EX condition.  All very usable and ready to go with line installed.

Super 2 Golden Trout Finish #2 line Serial #17608   $299.95
Super 2 Brook Trout Finish #3 line Serial #17601     $299.95
Super 3N Black Finish #4 line  Serial #721               $250.00
Super 3N New Brown Trout #4 line Serial #1042     $350.00
Super 5N Winston Green #5 line Serial #1856          $295.00
Super 5N Cutthroat Trout #5 line Serial #2410          $350.00
Super 5N Von Behr Brown #5 line Serial #2370       $350.00
Super 6  Olive Green #6 line Serial #11493               $450.00
Super 6 Spool Olive Green #6 line Serial #11493       Pair
Pt.5  Custom Wild Sponge #4 line Serial #8174         $295.00
Pt. 0 Black #3 line                                                       $195.00

Perfect                         2 5/8”                      #2line                            $500.00
Perfect                        2 7/8”                       #4line                            $450.00
Perfect                        31/8”                        #5line                            $459.00
Winston Perfect            27/8”                      #4line                            $595.00
Winston Perfect            33/8”                      #6line                            $595.00
Marquis                        #6                           #5line                            $250.00
Marquis                        #6 spool                  Sink                                 Pair
Lightweight                        Flyweight         #3line                            $250.00
Lightweight                        Featherweight  #4line                             $250.00

Lightweight                        Lightweight     #5line                             $250.00

Call us for more info (818) 785-7306

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Fall Wader Blowout +

Wader and Boot Blowout

Simms G3 Waders 30% off MSRP

Simms Headwaters and Guide Boot 30% off MSRP

Korkers  Metalhead Boots 40% off MSRP

Orvis Sonic Weld Travel wader 40 off MSRP

Redington Zippered wader 40 off MSRP

A Few Recent Additions used Rods and Reels Plus Some Closeouts

Rods: All with original tubes and bags
Used Rods

1 each Orvis Helios ZG 911-4 Tip Flex EX $329.95
1 each Thomas & Thomas HII8613S (2Piece) 8’6” 13 wt. EX/EX+
   unused, still has plastic on all cork. $399.95
1 each Winston BIIX 9 ft.  5wt 4 piece EX/EX+ in original bag and tube, no warranty. $399.95
1 each G. Loomis 9 ft. 10/11 Mega GL3 three piece EX with original case
and bag. $169.95
1 each Sage 1090-3 RPLX 9 ft. 10wt. 3 piece in EX/EX- with original tube
and bag. $199.95
New Rods

1 each Hardy Sintrix Zenith 8’6” 4wt. Reg. $629/Now Only $395
1 each Hardy Sintrix Zenith 9’ 3 wt.    Reg. $629/Now Only $395
1 each Hardy Sintrix ProAxis 9’ 7wt.   Reg. $699/Now Only $449.95
1 each Hardy Sintrix ProAxis 9’10wt. Reg. $729/Now Only $449.95
1 each Hardy Sintrix ProAxis 9’11wt. Reg $729/Now Only $449.95

Used Reels
with original boxes and bags

1 each RH Henschel Black & Silver #1 #1117 EX/EX+ in correct
bag $250.
1 each RH Henschel Black & Silver #3 #00637 EX/EX+ in original box,
bag and paperwork $395.
1 each Marryat MR 7.5 black in original bag EX/EX+ appears
un-fished $199.95.
1 each  Marryat MR 8.5 plus extra spool Black in EX with one original bag $149.95
1 each Marryat MR 8 Bronze EX/EX- in original bag $95
1 each Hardy/S.A. System 6 plus extra spool both in original Hardy blue bags.  Both at least EX. $179.95

All items limited to stock on hand.  Shipping Extra
CA residents add 9% Sales Tax
Any questions call Fishermen’s Spot 818 785-7306

Friday, September 27, 2013

Weekend Event and Sale

Hardy/Greys Day & Cane Gathering 

Come see and cast the new Hardy and Grey's Fly Rods including the Jet, GR50, GR30, & GR10 as well as the new Hardy Bougle reel. Cast the hot Sintrix Zenith and Proaxis fly rods with nano technology.

In addition Sunday brings a gathering of cane artisans and fishing collectors from as far away as Utah to compare, share, trade and sell all things vintage. Join us!

Plus our End of Summer Sale

Sage 1800 Series Reel 5/6 WT Regular $139 Now $84.95

Closeout rods from Greys, Redington & Hardy (includes ProAxis) up to 40% off

40% off Select Fishing Clothing from Simms, Redington, True Flies and more

Glacier Gloves Values to $39.95 Your choice $6.95

All Typhoon Sunglasses 30% off (includes readers)

Great Selection of used rods from Winston, Sage, Thomas & Thomas, G Loomis and more

All Books and DVDs 20% off

Select Fishpond Vests, Packs and Bags 30% off

Many Previously Owned Reels Available from Abel, Hardy, Bauer, Marryat etc.

Wader Closeout from Orvis, Simms & Redington up to 40% off

If that’s not enough, we will pay your sales tax on any regular priced purchases over $100 

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Labor Day Sale

Stop by the Spot this holiday weekend for some great deals on clothing and gear.
We will be open regular hours on Saturday and Sunday and 11 a.m.- 3 p.m. on Monday.  

Select Simms and Redington clothing 20% off MSRP

True Fly shirts 30% off MSRP

Closeouts on Rods from Sage, Redington and Greys

Select fly boxes marked down

Select waders from Orvis, Simms, and Redington closeouts.

All waterproof bags from Fishpond 20% off

Select DVDs 40% off

Glacier Glove Fishing Gloves Neoprene or Camo (values to $39.95) your choice $6.95

Great selection of used gear from Abel, Ross, Lamson, Sage, Thomas & Thomas and more.

In addition, if you spend over $100 on regular priced merchandise we will pay your sales tax.

Sale prices start Friday 8/30 and ends at close of business on Monday 9/2.
Have a safe holiday weekend.

Call for info (818) 785-7306

Monday, August 19, 2013

Always Use Protection......

Steve and I were walking through the Fly Fishing Dealer Show in Denver a few years ago and as we passed one of the booths the guy behind the counter said “Hey, have you ever seen anyone do this with sun screen?” and he proceeded to smear it in his eye.  If you’ve ever had regular sunscreen trickle into you eye you know how badly the stuff can sting.  Our intrepid salesman merely wiped his eye with a tissue and smiled “See? Doesn’t sting!” he declared.  He got his desired result.  We stopped and had closer look at his product, Sol Sunguard.  My first question was “ Yeah, but does the sunscreen work?”  As an answer he gave us some samples to try.  Since then it is the only sunscreen that I use. 

My foot after a very hot day on the water.  No burn!

When I was a kid I spent many a painful night with sunburn and was very aware, after a few bad burns, about the negative effects of UVB and UVA rays. I have never used a product as effective a Sol Sunguard.  The product features microfine zinc oxide that offers transparent and complete protection, I just spent a very hot day yesterday in my boat in shorts and flip-flops with no effects in terms of sun burn.  The skin on my feet and the backs of my hands are particularly susceptible to the sun’s rays but with Sol it’s not a problem.  To make it even better, it isn't greasy, won't effect your fly line, has no odor and is non water soluble. 

Make sure you take care of your skin with appropriate clothing and the best sunscreen on the market.

Sol is the best!

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Special Event

Hardy/Grey's Days Are Here Again
 Fly Tying Demo’s,
        Local Fishing Seminar
    There's A Cane Gathering Too!
     Saturday, September 28 10AM-4:00PM
Come see and cast the new Hardy and Grey's Fly Rods including the Jet, GR50, GR30, & GR10 as well as the new Hardy Bougle reel. Cast the hot Sintrix Zenith and Proaxis fly rods with nano technology.
In addition, Robert Bolt will be in our shop that weekend. Robert makes one of the finest bamboo rods on the market today. If you like Gary Howells' rods, you will love a R.K. Bolt fly rod. Robert bought all the remaining Howells' stock and has also developed his own interpretation of a Howells. 
We will have some in store specials that day as well including: We Pay Your Sales Tax on all Hardy/Grey's products over $100.
There will be a real treat as well with fly tying demonstrations with a great tier, our own fly tying instructor, Glenn Hiroyasu. Plus, Captain Vaughn Podmore (Saltyfly Guide Service) will be here tying flies and talking about local offshore fly-fishing. Vaughn has more than 20 years experience fly- fishing and fine-tuning our local waters. From novices to experts, he will use his local knowledge and skill to give anglers a memorable experience.

Sunday, September 29 9:00AM-4:00 PM 
People will be coming from all over California to show off, trade or sell Bamboo Fly Rods as well as collectable fly- fishing equipment and ephemera. This year we have invited cane rod builders and cane rod collectors. This should be a major showing of what is available in California cane.  And if you have the old fly-fishing stuff for sale, bring your own table and chairs and join us.
This Event Will Be Featuring
       Makers of Fine Bamboo Rods
Hand Crafted Custom Fly Fishing Accessories
Fly Fishing Artisans
Collectible Fly Tackle For Sale & Trade
An Opportunity to Cast Classic & Contemporary Bamboo Rods
A Silent Auction
This year’s get together is being hosted by the “Fishermen’s Spot” ( and Russ Gabel ( Mountain Fly Fishing Company.