Monday, August 19, 2013

Always Use Protection......

Steve and I were walking through the Fly Fishing Dealer Show in Denver a few years ago and as we passed one of the booths the guy behind the counter said “Hey, have you ever seen anyone do this with sun screen?” and he proceeded to smear it in his eye.  If you’ve ever had regular sunscreen trickle into you eye you know how badly the stuff can sting.  Our intrepid salesman merely wiped his eye with a tissue and smiled “See? Doesn’t sting!” he declared.  He got his desired result.  We stopped and had closer look at his product, Sol Sunguard.  My first question was “ Yeah, but does the sunscreen work?”  As an answer he gave us some samples to try.  Since then it is the only sunscreen that I use. 

My foot after a very hot day on the water.  No burn!

When I was a kid I spent many a painful night with sunburn and was very aware, after a few bad burns, about the negative effects of UVB and UVA rays. I have never used a product as effective a Sol Sunguard.  The product features microfine zinc oxide that offers transparent and complete protection, I just spent a very hot day yesterday in my boat in shorts and flip-flops with no effects in terms of sun burn.  The skin on my feet and the backs of my hands are particularly susceptible to the sun’s rays but with Sol it’s not a problem.  To make it even better, it isn't greasy, won't effect your fly line, has no odor and is non water soluble. 

Make sure you take care of your skin with appropriate clothing and the best sunscreen on the market.

Sol is the best!

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